Divine Spine Alignment – ONLINE

This energy session allows you to have a beneficial effect on chronic and acute diseases of the spine, spinal hernia, allergies, blood pressure, diabetes, and much more.

If our spine is straightened, then all the functions of the body are restored, and its divine harmony returns to it.

Divine spinal alignment is a gentle alignment of all areas of life. Not only physical but also subtle bodies.

Key Benefits of Divine Spine Alignment

What changes may occur at the physical level:

  • Healing diseases of the spine, joints, bone tissue and the consequences of injuries
  • The spine itself, the length of the legs, shoulder blades, and pelvis are aligned
  • Aligns organs in the body, they fall into place
  • The body is detoxified – poisons and heavy metals are eliminated
  • All bone tissue of the body is restored
  • Neurological problems and symptoms go away
  • Harmonizes with processes that occur outside: with different life cycles, processes that occur in the Universe
  • The function of all internal organs is restored and associated problems disappear

Healing sessions can be conducted for any age and any condition.

How it Works:

Divine alignment changes the information in the cells and gives an impulse for self-healing, which can start a global healing process for all existing diseases. After the spine is straightened, all body functions are restored, and its divine regulation returns.

This is one of those sessions that works dynamically, both online and in person.

What to Expect During a Divine Spine Alignment Session:

Divine Spine Alignment sessions are conducted in a serene and comfortable environment. Clients remain fully clothed, lying down. The trained practitioner channels this universal energy through their hands, directing it to specific areas of the recipient’s body. 

What if you could experience it yourself?
Investment in YOUR well-being: 

One Divine Spine Alignment Session (online )    Price $90

Package of 5 Divine Spine Alignment Sessions (online) Price $290